Santa Crawls Melbourne & London:

Thank you for your interest in the MMU Melbourne Santa Crawl. Demand for tickets to the 2014 Melbourne Santa Crawl has been huge and unprecedented.  To allow more people to be involved in the Santa fun, we are enabling Santas to arrange their own Santa excitement through Santa for a Day. Santa For a Day allows individuals, work colleagues and friends to spread their own Santa love in their own unique way to their workplace and beyond. Making your own Santa fun can be done on your own time in your own location with your own friends. Just imagine you and all your workmates at lunch in Santa suits or perhaps an after work gathering. 

The MMU Santa Crawl will not run in 2014, however there has never been more opportunities to have fun in a Santa suit through Santa for a Day. Just registering and raising over $30 will get you a free Santa suit and plenty of cudos in the workplace!  The MMU mantra continues, get involved, why wouldn’t you…

The MMU Melbourne Santa Crawl will return, bigger than ever, in 2015.

Brisbane Santa Crawl – Saturday 6 December 2014, 4pm

This year is our 8th year in Brisbane.
Each Santa must have a $20 ticket to gain entry into each pub. Last year we sold out of tickets, so get in early so you don’t miss out.

As always, the profits from the Santa Pub Crawl are donated to worthy causes. This year we are supporting organ donation to help increase the rates of donation. It is SANTA’S GREATEST GIFT.

Santa Crawl raises money for charity.

  • Step 1. Contact all of your mates and spread the word.
  • Step 2. Buy yourself a santa suit, or to get a FREE suit, register to be Santa for a Day at Santa for a Day
  • Step 3. Select your nearest city to see what Santa is up to in your part of the world.
  • Step 4. Get a drink; one for Santa, one for the other Santas and one for your Santa self and go completely nuts.

Santa Crawl Letters

Each MMU Santa Crawl raises money for charity. Click on the links to view the letters of support from the charities supported by the MMU Santa Crawls.

Download letters

Life Saving Victoria Thank You Letter

Brittish red Cross Thank You letter